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Books by Christine Bryden

For a unique insight to the inner workings of a person with dementia, these books by Christine Bryden provide an insider’s perspective.
Below is a list of Christine’s books with a list of translations available to date. Please scroll and select a Book from below for more information.


Will I Still Be Me

What does a dementia diagnosis mean for an individual’s sense of self? Christine Bryden shares her insider view on living with dementia and explains how a continuing sense of self is possible after diagnosis and as the condition develops.

Encouraging a deeper understanding of how individuals live meaningfully with dementia, the book challenges the dominant story of people with dementia ‘fading away’ to eventually become an ’empty shell’. It explores what it means to be an embodied self with feelings and emotions, how individuals can relate to others despite cognitive changes and challenges to communications, and what this means for the inclusion of people with dementia in society.

Christine Bryden, AM, PSM, was diagnosed with dementia in 1995 and became a pioneering dementia advocate, speaking at national and international conferences and campaigning for self-advocacy. She lives in Brisbane, Australia.

Dancing With Dementia

Japanese, Creates Kamogawa, 2004

English, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2005

Chinese, Logos, 2007

German, Hans Huber, 2011

Who Will I Be When I Die

English, Harper Collins, 1998 (1st edition)

Japanese, Creates Kamogawa, 2003 (2nd edition 2012)

Chinese, Concern and Care Society, 2004

Korean, Inter Books and Publishing, 2005

English, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2012 (2nd edition)

Czech, Triton, 2013

Before I Forget

English, Penguin Random House, 2015

Dutch, WPG, in press

Japanese, Creates Kamogawa, in press

Portuguese, Grupo Editorial Pensamento, in press

Nothing About Us Without Us

English, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2015

Japanese, Otsuki Shoten, in press